Dog Days released

Our new single Dog Days is released officially today.

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The video directed by Dutch collective The Flying Ducthmen, features lovely Tibbs’s singer Elsa Bekman going around Amsterdam in a Audrey Hepburn mood.

“Dog Days” is the second single from the Tibbs debut album “Takin’ Over” that came out in May 2016 on Record Kicks. The album has gained immediatly international support by Radios like BBC 6, FIP (Radio France), Radio Rai 1 (Italy), NPO Radio 2 (NL), BR2 (DE) and from djs such as Craig Charles (BBC6), Francis Viel (Mouv/Radio France) and Francesco Adinolfi (Radio 1 Rai)… Funk & Soul lovers get on it, this is a hell of a debut album!

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